Earth Day Project

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than to undertake a massive expandion of the veggie garden? We started at 12pm Saturday, clearing a large area where we had cut back the overgrown burning bush last weekend. Jeeps made a run to Home Deport the night before for all the supplies and by 6pm Sat we had 7 new beds down, ranging in size from 3×5 ft to 4×8 ft.

Sunday we finished off the fencing and added chips and planted a few strawberries and blueberry bushes. I’m hoping to get a nice looking arbor as a entry way on the new left side. All in all I figure we more than double our usable area and we should have quite the haul of veggies this summer.


One comment on “Earth Day Project

  1. Mieke says:

    I don’t have the focus to do anything this impressive. I turned the soil in the back yard and threw some seeds haphazardly around am just hoping for the best. I have a BLACK thumb.

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