Vermont Ski Trip

Here we are up in Stowe with the VonSteigs for Skiing and Superbowl. Everyone had a terrific time this year, including yours truly. For when outfitted with the proper gear, goggles and nifty pink shell-a-clava, I am warm enough to actually enjoy the skiing. I actually found myself disappointed when we were doing our last runs on Sunday.

The childrens’ programs here are the best. You drop them off in the morning and they have ski lessons all morning, then lunch, then more skiing. They come back to the lodge around 2:00 and you can either meet them there, or they will have some kind of activity until pick-up. Redman had an expected amount of separation woes, but his instructors were very sweet and by the end of the third day they had his group going up the lift to the Midstation and snowplowing down. Jeeps met up with him and took him on a couple runs, which involves skiing backwards…

The kids all had a great time hanging out. The VonSteigs are the easiest family to be with. They brought a DVD of Season 1 of “The Brady Bunch” which was a hilarious and nostalgic experience. We took the kids to the Fun Zone and the swimming pool, and Saturday night the resort hooked us up with a baby sitter so we could all go out to dinner.

Mesmerized by Gears….

NJ and Panda at the Fun Zone.

Unfortunately we have no shots of Panda skiing! But let me describe it: speed demon. No turns on this girl. She and NJ just point their skiis downhill and {{zzzzooommm}} Syonara! And me and Frau VonSteig go tearing after them. I guess it’s a tribute to how much I picked up that I’m not having to think of what I’m doing as I chase my daughter down a mountain on two flat sticks.


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