Marco 2008

There are people who retire to Maine. Don’t ask me why.

We had gorgeous weather for our week in Marco. As opposed to last year when we did a half-dozen day trips, this year we pretty much stayed put. It was a very lazy, unstructured time which we all needed. And in that spirit, here are lazy, unstructured pictures….

Waking up the first morning to the sunrise coming in the window, the sound of the wind off the river, the boats making their way to the Gulf, seagulls…

Panda and Jeeps catching some waves…

Nino’s boy….

An excursion to Cold Stone Creamery. Just the quintessential shot of Nino feeding his babies the finer things in life….

Not the best shot of Redman, but I’m not looking at him actually. Look at my mom’s smile, isn’t it gorgeous?!

Out on the Esplanade….

I love this shot, it just captures the utter bliss of do-nothingness.

This is me in my element. Last year I had the shell mojo on the first day. This year, it wasn’t until the very last afternoon on the beach at low tide that I began hitting into those veins of treasures. Whole, beautiful ones, including about 3 or 4 gorgeous whelks with the mollusk still inside so we had to throw them back. It’s completely addictive, I could have stayed for hours.


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