Our Lady of Clearance

No, I have not suddenly converted to Catholicism though I am wise enough to know that Mary has been around for longer than the Catholic Church, they just borrowed her. And I’ve always liked Mary. Anyway, I was at one of my favorite garden centers and on a table of clearance items, I noticed this statue. Now I’m not religious, but you can’t put Mary on clearance, I’m sorry. There was something so wrong about it that I bought her, and I brought her home and made her this little grove off our new path in the woods. I like it. And when the first rose blooms in summer, I’ll clip it and bring it to her.

I think Giggi would like that.


One comment on “Our Lady of Clearance

  1. Mieke says:

    I love that!!!You can’t put Mary on clearance. How hilarious.

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