I Thinks I Knows how Eats and Reads can Work…s

I had a tiny epiphany last night because I went to bed before I was tired, and ended up lying awake, thinking.  Not anxious thinking, just mental puttering around.  I don’t possess a good “off” switch.  My husband has a pretty spectacular one: he lies down, takes four deep breaths and the fifth one is a snore.


So I was awake, thinking about the blog, feeling excited about its future, thrilled about the number of hits so far (who are you?!) and just the overall look and feel and direction and Mission Statement of Eats, Reads, Thinks.  And I kept going back to last night’s post and how I had talked about Pandagirl tasting cheese in DeCicco’s.

After she’s in bed Panda always likes to text me a few parting shots from her iTouch (she has some TextFree app that lets her ping either me or her father when she’s connected to the home WiFi) and amidst all the emoticons and exclamation points, she wrote, “Thank you for taking me shopping, I had so much fun!!!!  I want to be a foodie too!!!!!!! 🙂 :-P”

So that got me in the kishkes.  I mean, everything I know about cooking and especially entertaining, I learned from my mother.  And I can think of no better legacy to pass on: to love food, to be a confident cook and entertainer so that you take the most pleasure from having friends come to your kitchen because you are not daunted by what to serve them.

But I had been so fascinated watching Panda in DeCicco’s, impressed that she was bravely trying all kinds of cheese, and making these keen observations about taste and smell, comparing and contrasting flavors.

It reminded me of something.

What the hell was it?

Lying awake last night, it came to me:  it reminded me of House of Daughters by Sarah-Kate Lynch.

Thus was born the idea of the Eats-Reads Connection.   I can do posts about food, I can do posts about books…and I think…I know I have a whole bunch where the two go hand-in-hand.

Sarah-Kate Lynch has written many beautiful novels that center around not so much food, but a particular artisan and regional craft:  By Bread Alone is about the sourdough breadmaking of France.  Blessed Are the Cheesemakers tells the story of two old Irish cheesemakers in need of an heir for their business.  And House of Daughters is about the champagne industry.  Three daughters inherit their father’s business although it is the eldest, Clementine, who has been running the vineyard and truly knows the most about growing, harvesting and bottling grapes for premier champagne.  Where her bravado deserts her is in the blending – she lacks an inherent sense of taste and smell to determine which vintages to put together.  However, her young niece has the gift.  And there is this wonderful, magical scene where Clementine sits down with her niece, with samples of that year’s harvest in paper cups, and this young girl, this misfit creature who has always felt in the way and never good enough, she begins to smell, taste, differentiate, then work to find the words to communicate the sensations to her aunt, to group vintages together, to blend them.  Little by little her confidence grows, she realizes she has a gift, she has a palate, she has a purpose…and she blooms like a grapevine.

Much in the same way, I Thinks I’ve figured out how to blend Eats and Reads…

🙂 I hopes this works!!!!!!! 🙂 😛


2 comments on “I Thinks I Knows how Eats and Reads can Work…s

  1. Carol Bierman says:

    I am thinking about “Miriam’s Kitchen”. A memoir with recipes that you shared with me. I loved this book. I am adding todays post to my book list.

  2. Swain says:

    “Miriam’s Kitchen” will definitely have its own post!

    Of Sarah-Kate Lynch’s books I liked “House of Daughters” best of all, followed by “Cheesemakers.” “By Bread Alone” was OK but not as good as the others (I thought). She has a new one out called “Dolci di Love”…

    It’s unbelievably freezing here…miss you and Dad. XO

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