Winter Thankfuls

Woke up to 3 inches of ice on the driveway, on top of the massive weight of snow and ice on the roof that is making Jeeps a nervous wreck.  This called for double-shoveling which is one of the most despairing conditions of the season:  you have to break the ice with a garden spade, and then shovel it away.  You also have to find somewhere to put it…not easy when you have ten-foot high snowdrifts now shellacked in ice.

There’s nothing for it, short of waving cash at passing plows.  It may come to that. Lest I go completely off the deep end and lose my schmidt, I will find things to be thankful for.

I am grateful…

That my husband works tirelessly to take care of us in so many ways.

That the roof is, as of this moment, intact and there is no errant water dripping into the residence.

That I have children of an age that I can confidently leave them alone in the house while we go shovel.  They know how to entertain themselves, get their own breakfast, wipe their own tushes, properly contact 911 and turn the TV on and off (mostly on).  Whether or not they fight each other to the death is a trivial matter.

That I work from home.

That nobody here is [that word that rhymes with ‘ick’ that I do not dare speak aloud]

That I had the foresight to go grocery shopping last night because to be housebound with no garlic is a terrible thing.

That there is power so I can have coffee now and cook later.

That my friend Claudia offered to take Pandagirl for a few hours at her house if the roads permitted.   I don’t think they will permit but I appreciate the offer and am comforted that so many of my other girlfriends are going out of their collective f**king minds.

That my parents are safely in Florida and do not have to deal with this.

For Tracy Effinger and Kathy Coffee-Meyer and Karen Voight and everyone at the Firm who works out my upper body with no mercy, so I can actually lift shovelfuls of snow and ice.  I just wish I had done lower body last night.

For my friend Ilyse who graduated massage therapy school.

For the flock of robins that keeps coming to my yard and I feel wretched for not having anything to feed you.

For iPhoto organizing my photos by month so I can look back at March and April 2010 and see that there will be grass, daffodils and tulips soon.  Very soon.  And someday the view from my window will look like this again:

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2 comments on “Winter Thankfuls

  1. Lisa-Marie says:

    Whenever I click the “Like” button on one of your posts here, nothing happens – doesn’t seem to register anywhere. ??

  2. Swain says:

    Hmmm….I’ll have to look into that feature and see how it works.

    (I like you)

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