Literary Eats: Robert Hass

I thought Literary Eats was going to be cancelled today…then I found the book of poems by Robert Hass that sweet Julia gave to me…

This dream:  on white linen, in the high ceilinged room,

Marie and Julia had spread baskets of focaccia,

A steaming zucchini torte, ham in thin, almost deliquescent slices,

Mottled ovals of salami, around a huge bowl in which chunks of


With its sweet, iodine smell of high tide, were strewn

Among quarter moons of sun-colored tomatoes and lettuce leaves…

“Poet’s Work” by Robert Hass, from Time and Materials: Poems 1997-2005, Harper Collins, New York, 2007.


One comment on “Literary Eats: Robert Hass

  1. Julia says:

    Just love it when I save the day! The poem makes me hungry, even after eating a huge bowl of fresh, vegetable soup (one of the best soups I ever made too).

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