Seeing Green

One of Pandagirl’s American Girl magazines came with a 2011 Treat-a-month calendar.  March’s treat was a lime-kiwi smoothie.  Thanks to Edy’s Fruit Bars AND thanks to Blenda (the name for my immersion blender, as per the results of the poll), I am more inclined to make things like smoothies.

American Girl See Green Smoothie

Gently break 2 small lime frozen-fruit bars off their sticks.

Ask an adult to peel 2 kiwis.

Place the lime bars, kiwi fruit and 1 cup vanilla yogurt into a blender.

Ask an adult to help you blend the mixture until smooth.

Top with whipped cream and colored sugar

This was quite yummy, however Redman didn’t like it, said it was too tart.

I tried an Edy’s anti-oxidant variation using one each of the acai-blueberry and pomegranate fruit bars, with some blueberries added.  Also quite yummy.


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