Literary Eats: Quantum Acres

A small excerpt from Quantum Acres: Flashback"", by Gregory Zeller.  Greg is my good friend and fellow writer; often he is my toughest editor.  He is also CEO of Strong Language, LLC.  Greg uses strong language with me when I use too many cliches.  He’s a regular slave driver…loves to crack the whip…there I go again…

The French onion soup might have been the best of Nawahine’s life. They’d snuck into the restaurant’s lavatory and washed up as best they could, then grabbed two seats at the bar and scanned a menu featuring brick-oven pizzas and sirloin burgers, and at first, Nawahine was disappointed to settle for the affordable soup. But when it hit his lips, something else hit with it. 

Whether it was reality deprivation, grievous suspicion that this was his last meal or simple starvation, the soup was an exquisite sensation, salty and silky and warm. As the first slurp slid down his throat, Nawahine closed his eyes and let it linger, a surprisingly blissful moment amidst the deadly chaos.

Speak clearly.

Speak well.

Use strong language.


One comment on “Literary Eats: Quantum Acres

  1. How very, very nice of you. I’m humbled by your gracious gesture … and your world-class blog!

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