Eats Reads Thinks GARDENS!!!

It really is ridiculous how happy I am having fresh herbs to cook with again.  And I am days away from a first salad harvest from the garden.

What’s that, you’d like a tour?  I’d be delighted.  It’s still all babies and I need to mulch it as soon as Jeeps can give me grass clippings.  But anyway, come along and look:

Spinach and radishes

Carrots.  They need thinning, which is an OCD job I loathe, but it’s the nature of the beast.

Fennel.  Fennel fennel fennel fennel, I’m growing like 24 bulbs of it this year.  Last night I sauteed chicken sausage with red onions, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes and zucchini.  And right at the end I ran out, clipped off a bunch of feathery fennel tops, clipped another bunch of fresh parsley, chopped it all up, stirred it in…and something good turned into something amazing.  There wasn’t a scrap left.  I cannot stress enough what a parsley whore fan I am…

Broccoli seedlings surrounded by radishes.  I companion-plant whenever possible, and I read that these two go well together.  So I made a grid of radish seeds and planted the broccoli inside the boxes.  On the other hand, the same source said, rather vehemently, not to companion-plant fennel with ANYTHING.  So I have that isolated by itself but if the whole garden should fail, we all know why.

Pea plants starting to climb.  Nearly a third of this crop, which was planted near the tulips, was wiped out by a vicious pack of voles.  We’ve declared war with bait and snap traps.  Killed five of them in one day.  And I enjoyed it.

Prep for tonight’s dinner.  We were having burgers on the grill but on the side I sauteed red onion and garlic in olive oil, then added a can of drained, rinsed cannelini beans and let it cook on low about ten minutes.  Then I added half a bag of baby spinach, and the chopped herbs – just parsley and sage leaves.

Bouquet by Pandagirl.  I love handing her scissors and a mason jar and saying, “Pick something for the table.”  Usually she just has at it, but tonight I did give specific direction because my columbines are in bloom, and these purple ones look pretty with the chartreuse leaves of a golden bleeding heart.  She arranged it beautifully though.

(Sigh)…I love spring.


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