Fava Beans

Yes, yes, with his liver and a nice chianti.  Lovely.

Fava beans are in season and I’ve never had them, but I figured my recent reunion with lima beans wouldn’t make them such a stretch.  Using my rule of “don’t make a lot of what you’ve never had before,” I just bought a little package at DeCicco’s and after shelling, there were about maybe 20 beans:

So you boil them in salted water for five minutes, drain and rinse.  Then you have to peel off the second shell around the bean:

And they are this amazing, beautiful green.  I drizzled some olive oil, sea salt and ground pepper on them, and Jeeps and I ate them as an appetizer, right out of the bowl without ceremony.  They were delicious, kind of a cross between edamame and lima beans.  Definitely making again.  This has gardening potential, too….


One comment on “Fava Beans

  1. Francie says:

    They make you work hard to get that bean, don’t they?

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