The Weekend in Pictures

Soft taco with coconut rice and beans, edamame-corn succotash, cherry tomatoes and avacado.

Cutting out a dress.

Work table amidst dressmaking.

"Kitchen sink" tuna salad - celery, scallion, red bell pepper, hard-boiled egg, parsley and dill. Lettuce from the garden.

Bouquets: peonies, roses and one fallen poppy. And the last "Beverly Sills" iris with lady's mantle.

This year's shells from Florida. It was a good year for conch.

'Honey Perfume' roses with lady's mantle, salvia, and hosta leaves. I love having these little bouquets outside the front door.

Transplanting Marigold seedlings.

All the stone wall beds have been mulched, with many thanks to the weather for not being beastly hot. And unending gratitude to Advil.

I never expected birds to live in these houses, they were too close to human traffic. But by golly, one has set up house in this lovely orange condo! (You'll have to take my word for it)

Geum "Avens" in bloom.

The continuing love affair with Zepherine...

A clump of Lychnis (rose campion) burst into bloom.

Barbecue chicken. (And I am a garnish fraud, I only do it when I'm taking a picture)

BBQ chicken with purple potato salad and crudite.

Hazelnut Nutella blondies. Reverent expression required.


One comment on “The Weekend in Pictures

  1. Claudia says:

    Will you please come and plant me a garden? Pretty please? With sugar on top?

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