Small Bites

Little bits of this and that from the weekend and beyond.  We spent Saturday to Sunday down at Jeeps’ cousins, David and Christine, in Philadelphia where we always eat a lot, and very well.  David always comes up with something great to serve for cocktail hour, this year it was Lemon Drops.  I always love to watch Pandagirl pal around with Christine.  It’s not quite an aunt-niece relationship; more like big sister-little sister.  When Christine announced that chocolate fondue would be for dessert, Panda went crazy.  And what a great idea – I haven’t fondued in years…

On the way out of Ardmore we made a pitstop at cousin Jess’ house in Haverford.  Auntie Donna had come for the weekend, and she and Jess were busy crafting away as usual.  We’re all really avid sea glass collectors when we are down at the beach house.  Now Donna showed us her full, lifetime collection of glass, going back to when she was young and would pick up huge chunks of it on Jones Beach.  Sea glass just wasn’t a fashionable thing to collect at the time, people considered it junk.  So she had glass in colors you rarely find anymore, now that everyone and their grandmother trawls the shore and pounces on every scrap of glass.  There were even huge pieces that you could still see the writing on.

Donna’s also an amazing quilter, and I fell in love with this placemat she made for Jess’ daughter (who needs a blog name and I shall call her Cindy Lou because to me she is the epitome of Cindy Lou Who, who was only two.  Except she is four).  Isn’t this a great idea, I could totally do this…or get Donna to make me six.  Ha.

Finally back at home, we did nothing more strenuous that Boston Chicken for dinner, getting a second chicken and extra potatoes to serve for the week.  Today the garden was finally giving up its delights:  I harvested greenbeans, carrots and 2 Boothby’s Blonde cucumbers.

The beans were blanched for 2 minutes, then all the veggies laid out on a platter with ranch dressing, alongside the scraps of leftover chicken, and potato pancakes made by stirring 2 eggs into the tub of mashed potatoes and frying them up.

Like magic, Redman found his nicest manners.  “Mommy, this is the perfect dinner for me, thank you.”

You’re welcome.


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