These are just funny little thoughts that went in and out of the transom of my mind during the course of my workday.  Think of them what you will…

1) Don’t you love when a song comes on the radio or playlist that fits the mood or scenery perfectly?  As I approached the Tappan Zee this morning, the girders silhouetted against a pink-and-gold-streaked sky, Billy Joel’s Summer, Highland Falls came on.  “Thank you,” I thought.

2) As I stood in my group of five working a job, I was suddenly and strangely reminded of when I’d had my thryoid surgery at Yale-New Haven Hospital, which of course, is a teaching hospital.  So when your surgeon comes around to visit you, he comes with an entourage of students, interns, what have you, observing and occasionally offering the use of their stethoscope.  So in my work team, only one guy really knows what he’s doing, and the rest of us are the entourage, and we stand around and observe and hand him the occasional screwdriver.

3) There’s a lot of hurry-up-and-wait involved, and you’re often standing around for long stretches of time waiting for something – information, tools, teammates to return, etc.  During one such lull, I was really overcome with a compulsion to pull the weeds in the customer’s garden bed.  Would that have crossed an ethical line somewhere?

4) I’ve really wanted a cigarette pretty badly but have not succumbed to temptation.  This is huge.

5) I hope I have enough t-shirts to last me until I can do laundry again.

6) Thank God I got my eyebrows waxed before the strike.

7) It really, really, really REALLY kills me that I am not to cook for my family and not there to reap what I sowed in the garden.  No seriously, it’s like physical pain.

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2 comments on “Coverage

  1. nini says:

    This will lead to something good. Something bigger. Some kind of breakthrough. I’m sure of it. Or, at the very least, absence makes the heart grow fonder. LOVE YOU XOXO

  2. Julia says:

    I loved that you shared all this…keep posting these kind of details, inner thoughts–draws me into your experience and makes it come alive, as only a writer can. P.S. I feel the same way when the right song just comes on…as if there were a personal soundtrack to my life that the great I AM just turned on 🙂

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