Coverage Day 15: Release…and Rogues’ Gallery

And like that, it’s done.  Words cannot describe how I’m feeling tonight.  Dead tired, relieved, joyful at the end, and full of incredible emotion at saying goodbye to everyone I met at the garage.  Here we are, my team:

I really cannot think of anything to say, other than to thank all of my family and friends for being so incredibly supportive during these past two weeks.  It sounds so banal but I truly could not have done this without all of your love and encouragement.  And thank you to the Powers that Be for making today such a beautiful summer day.  The sky was amazing this morning driving to Rockland, and the view from the TZ coming home was crystal clear, I could see for miles both to the north and the south.

In lieu of words,  I thought I would just put up a gallery and let you see some of the faces behind the names I’ve been dropping in these posts, and some unmentioned but still worthy of seeing.  These are some of the most wonderful people I know.  Brothers in arms.  My garage.

Garage Supervisor and Master Aerialist, RB

Pat and Ike


Me and Nora, sisters in solidarity




The Mountain Brothers

Pete and Re-Pete

Morning prayer meeting, Fred, Mario and Anthony Mountain

Phil Mountain

Troy and Rich (the other Rich)

Me and Fred

Me and Sensei


RB leading this morning's prayer meeting in the mechanics' bay

Me and Pete

Me and Re-Pete

Me and Sensei (Hero worship crush much? Nah...)

One last look at the compound before I headed out, strangely emotional...


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2 comments on “Coverage Day 15: Release…and Rogues’ Gallery

  1. Kathy says:

    Very good ending. Hopefully no sequel! Glad to have you back.

  2. Uma says:

    can we get back to food now ?

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