Retail Therapy

Yes, I know it’s vulgar to discuss money.  Let’s just say that some of the funds which I have recently incurred are being put to good use.

I’m late to the fashion party, it’s only recently that I figured out just a tiny bit what I’m doing, sort of what my style is, and, most importantly, how to get a hold on all that damn impulse buying!!!  And I have to credit much of this awakening to Nina Garcia’s books.  I’ve taken all of them out of the library at one time or another, and these are the three I own:


The Ruben Toledo illustrations alone make these books treasures.  But they are full of sound, realistic advice as well.  Of these three, I would say The One Hundred was the most influential.  As the title suggests, it’s a guide to the pieces every stylish woman must own.  And this is the philosophy you’ll find in pretty much any book or guide on style:  that there are basic, investment pieces which are the foundation of your wardrobe and everything is built upon that.   And if you buy cheap on the foundation pieces, you get cheap in return.

Some of The One Hundred I already own; some I do not own and have no need or desire to own.  But looking ahead to fall (when, let’s face it, getting dressed is a lot of fun), I have been ruthlessly purging out my closets, and calculating that my wardrobe could use a few good foundation items.  Namely:

A blazer (which I do not currently own);

A cashmere sweater (Or two.  Or three)

A trench/rain coat (my current one from Old Navy is beat to hell and I’ve sewed the lining twice.  And I never really loved it.  It was OK)

A great site when you are shopping online is, which allows you to search for coupon codes in over 100,000 stores.  Check here before you check out!!

And so, my treasures:

Hive & Honey velvet trim riding jacket from Piperlime  $69, no coupon available but free shipping and returns.  I got it in the camel.

Charcoal V-neck Cashmere Sweater from  On sale for $69.99 and as a gift for joining, Bluefly gives you $30 off any order.  So I got the Denim V-neck Cashmere Sweater, too, because I am a good girl and I deserve it.


Land’s End Canvas is a nifty new offshoot of a company that, let’s face it, can easily make a girl look frumpy.  But Canvas has some really cute things, and I was eyeing this cashmere sweater.

Normally $100, the geranium was on sale for $54.99.  So I ordered that and if I really love it, I’m going back for the black.  Because I’m a good girl and I deserve it.  And also because Nina Garcia says, “I highly recommend buying the black cashmere version of anything that comes in a black cashmere version.”

Yes ma’am.

I am still researching the trench coat.  I really liked this DKNY belted trench/raincoat I saw at, on sale today for $69, naturally.  But naturally they don’t have the camel in my size.  The black comes in my size, but I don’t want the black, I want the camel.  Pbbththth.

Running a close second is this East 5th Trench at JC Penney for $99, and Retailmenot has one coupon for $10 off, and another for free shipping.  Unfortunately you can’t use both on one order, but I found that using the free shipping one comes out to a few dollars less.  Which are a few dollars that could be spent on…coffee…or something.

So that was my retail therapy session.  If we could skip now to October, that would be great.  Thanks.

Other fashion/style blogs I enjoy:

The Look for Less – absolutely awesome site that takes popular, trendy looks often seen on celebrities, and shows you how to achieve comparable outfits at a fraction of the price.

The Budget Babe – fab without a fortune

What I Wore – I love this chick.  Much like a lot of food blogs start out with regular people taking pictures of their dinners, Jessica Quirk started taking pictures of what she wore every day.  And she’s made a sensational something out of it.

9to5 Chic – I kind of love this chick, with a love that borders on smoldering hatred.  Because she’s freakin’ 5′ 8″ and a size 2 and everything looks good on her and she always looks like she’s going to the greatest places with a husband who lives to photograph her and how does she dress like this when she has two children and I wish once she’d post a picture of herself in sweats and a t-shirt although she’d probably make them look fabulous.  Bitch.  But I love her.

I leave you with a parting shot of my closet.  And all the skeletons therein.

(Yeah, you can see my underwear.  Big deal.)

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One comment on “Retail Therapy

  1. Rachel says:

    I use retailmenot for everything. one of the best friend-websites! Are you a member of Gilt Group? It’s dangerous, but mostly its fun to look at the clothes that are so very pretty….

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