Christmas Crafts: Felt Tree Garland

I really do try to keep the Christmas Crafting in check, otherwise I end up with more doodads than I have places to put them.  But this year we’re moving some Christmas to the TV room downstairs, which goes hand-in-hand with a massive hauling out of old toys and junk, and surgery on our chimney so that maybe, finally, we can build a fire in the fireplace without filling the house with smoke.

And suddenly there is a mantelpiece in need of its own little bit of holiday decor, and suddenly I find this tutorial at for a really adorable garland of felt trees that requires not much more than brown and green felt, and scrap holiday material (and it doesn’t even have to be holiday-themed; she used Liberty prints which were perfectly adorable).

This was a 2.5-evening project over the holiday weekend:  Friday evening I cut out all the trees (you need 2 pieces of felt and one piece of fabric for each); Saturday evening I sewed and stuffed; Sunday afternoon I put together the garland and fussed over how it hung on the mantel.

You can make the garland, or make each tree into a hanging or standing ornament.  These are super easy, a great project for first-time sewers of all ages, and the garland looks nice anywhere you hang it.

Editor’s Note – no, I am not allowed to hang it on the headboard but if I were, it would look very handsome.






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