The Cutting Edge: Halloween Lanterns


The love affair with the Silhouette continues (click here to read how it all began).  This project is one of the reasons I bought the cutter in the first place.  These lanterns scream “seasonal crafting,” don’t they?  And why wait for Christmas when Halloween is filled with shadowy outlines of iconic objects?

I used Nanetta Bananto’s basic design with the scalloped flourish at the top, and then from the Silhouette library I downloaded different Halloween shapes to go in the window of the lantern (they are very reasonable at .99 cents each).  I experimented with making the lanterns different sizes.  The pattern for the small ones will fit on a standard 8.5×11″ piece of cardstock, but to go larger I needed to reduce the pattern to just two sides of the lantern, and cut it twice.

After cutting this set, I also got the idea to experiment with replacing the scallop flourish on top with something complementary to the window.  So in this example, I’m taking the small witch lantern and making it larger, and replacing the scallop with the outline of a cat.

Small lantern pattern:  all 4 sides fit on one page

Small lantern pattern: all 4 sides fit on one page

Trim to just two sides, enlarge, erase scallop and replace with cat

New look of lantern

New look of lantern

20130919-175123.jpgNow it’s time to cut.  You use a special cutting mat which has a light adhesive layer on it to hold your paper or cardstock in place.  Watching it cut is fascinating but one downer of this machine is IT IS REALLY LOUD!  All right, not drive people out of the house loud, but still it makes a racket.  I’m not sure if that’s because it’s an old model or a used machine or what, but there it is.

Peeling the cut image off the mat is a little anxious.  Slow and steady does it, especially with the detailed parts like the ribbon coming off the witch’s hat.


While the other two sides are being cut out, I cut vellum to fit on the inside of the lantern and stuck it down with Mono adhesive.  Then I adhered the two panels together to make the lantern.

20130919-175322.jpg  20130919-175336.jpg

20130919-175351.jpg  20130919-175407.jpg

All you need then is an LED votive.  Oh, and by the way, I know this isn’t necessary, you are all intelligent people, none of you would ever think that using a paper lantern over an ACTUAL VOTIVE CANDLE OR TEALIGHT WOULD BE A GOOD IDEA, RIGHT?  Right, you’re intelligent people, you use these with the fake candles.  I’m glad there’s no need to have that kind of conversation with you, that’s why you’re my friends.

So the gallery of lanterns is below.  I like the haunted house a lot, especially since if a bit of it tears – like the crossbars of a window or a railing – it doesn’t matter because it’s supposed to be a crumbling wreck.  A little distress works well with these.  You can see by the last one, the tree, I was really going crazy.  I love the tree and how the branches stick up above the top of the lantern.  It took a lot of work in the software with the overlapping branches, making sure the cut lines were right, but it’s my favorite.


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One comment on “The Cutting Edge: Halloween Lanterns

  1. marie says:

    OMG, you rock even more than I thought you did. I am awed. AWED! Go you!!!

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