What do you call this:

Last July we were out at our friends’ house in Montauk, and my friend Amy was making breakfast:  a piece of bread with a circle cut out in the middle, down on the griddle and an egg cracked into the hole.  Where and when I was growing up, this was called “egg in a frame.”  I wondered what other people called it.  So, as is my wont, I went on to Facebook and put up my status:  “You know when you take a piece of bread, cut a hole in the middle with a glass, put it down in the frying pan and crack an egg in the hole…what do you call that in your neck of the woods or in your family?  Just curious…”

Well the commentary started flying in and it turned into a very fun conversation about this breakfast dish.

That was last July.  This morning I wanted to make egg in a frame for breakfast and I was remembering that Facebook post and wishing I could get back to it.  In fact I was wishing I could somehow export ALL of my Facebook history because there’s a lot of material in there that would be extremely useful on this blog.

So as is my wont, I went on to Facebook and made that very question my status.

And my friend Gregg showed me how it could be done.  For which he will not only get my cornbread, but the dish formerly known as “egg in a frame” will hereby and forevermore be known as “GrEggs.”

After filtering out the snark and smartass from the comment thread, and compiling the data, here’s how else the dish is known: