Fall Reading List


One Day, by David Nicholls

Sarah’s Key, by Tatiana de Rosnay

House of Holes, by Nicholson Baker

The Ninth Wife, by Amy Stolls

The Nineteenth Wife, by David Ebershoff

Angelina’s Bachelors, by Brian O’Reilly

The Madonnas of Echo Park, by Brando Skyhorse

Before Ever After, by Samantha Sotto

Mr. Rosenblum Dreams in English, by Natasha Solomons

The Lotus Eaters, by Tatjana Soli

Hungry for Happiness, by James Villas

Prospect Park West, by Amy Sohn

The Secret Lives of Dresses, by Erin McKean

Commuters, by Emily Gray Tedrowe



The Miracle of Freedom: 7 Tipping Points that Saved the World, by Chris and Ted Stewart

Unbound, by Dean King

Sex with the Queen and Sex with Kings, by Eleanor Herman

English History made Brief, Irreverent, and Pleasurable, by Lacey Baldwin Smith

Queens Consort, by Lisa Hilton

It Seemed Like a Good Idea:  a Compendium of Great Historical Fiascoes, by William R. Forstchen and Bill Fawcett

Mental Floss History of the World, by Erik Sass and Steve Wiegand

The First Ladies, by Feather Schwartz Foster

House Witness, by Christiane Kohl


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