5th Avenue Rose: A Film Noir on Email (Part 2)

We last left our hero Miles O’Loughlin deep in conference with Chins, over the mysterious and befuddling fate of Julie Bolling-Strath, presumedly found dead on the FDR at 9 AM, but how could that be if O’Loughlin was having a post-amorous breakfast with her at 10?  [Editor’s note:  and how in hell did he get to a San Francisco bar that same evening?]

Date:  Thursday May 06, 1993 1:19 PM EST

From:  Gregory J. Zeller / MCI ID:  575-9170

To:  Suanne Bierman / MCI ID:  537-6568

Now Chins drained his glass in a single gulp, and motioned to Roxy for a double of his own.  “An interesting enigma we have here.”

O’Loughlin lit a Camel unfiltered and took a long drag; when he spoke, the sentence was punctuated by seeping white smoke.  “Do you think it has something to do with Belichek?”

Chins nodded slowly, fingering the bowl of pretzels resting in the center of the red and white boxes.  “That, I think, is a good guess.  One:  Belichek shows up at your office two days ago and gives you an address and a date, and tells you that you’ve got to be there Thursday at nine.  Two:  He tells you it has something to do with Julie, but he can’t tell you what it is, and you can’t talk to her about it.  Three:  Belichek disappears.  Four:  Julie shows up for the first time in, what…three months?  And you take her home…did you say you fucked her?”

O’Loughlin winced.  “I fucked somebody.”

Chins swallowed.  “OK…and now the cops find a stiff on the FDR carrying Julie’s ID, at the same time you’re…with her.”  The Chinaman leaned back as Roxy delivered the next round.  “Yeah…I’d say Belichek is our only lead.  Except for the other obvious one, of course.”

“That being?”

“Why, question the woman you were with last night, of course.”  Chins shook his head, and, involuntarily, his chins.  “You’re slipping, my friend.  When did you last see Julie?”

“Before last night?”

“No, before you found out about the body on the FDR.”

O’Loughlin searched his memory banks.  “Ten-thirty this morning.  I dropped her off at her hotel after breakfast and went to my office.  That’s when Dickie called me from police plaza and said that a blue-and-white had found Julie’s body at nine.”

Chins downed his drink again, and began the lengthy process of sliding his huge girth to the edge of the booth and standing up.

“Where are we going?” asked McLoughlin, following Chins up.  [Editor’s note – McLoughlin?  Sloppy, Zeller, sloppy…]

“What hotel did you say Julie was staying at?”

“The Rosemont.”

Chins dropped a twenty on the table.  “We’re going to the Rosemont.”

The real Rosemont Hotel is in Chicago, Illinois.  This picture is the also-real Rosemont Hotel in Beaumont, Texas.  The fictitious Rosemont Hotel of our story is on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  Our intrepid heroes will now board the Concorde in pursuit of the truth.  Tune in next time to 5th Avenue Rose…but it’ll cost you upwards of $1.00


One comment on “5th Avenue Rose: A Film Noir on Email (Part 2)

  1. Zeller says:

    Not sure when we set this, but I’m certain it was before memory banks.

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