XY:  No story?

XX:  Pardon?

XY:  You haven’t told me a story lately.  I miss them.

XX: Aren’t you sweet?

XY:  I’m not sweet, I’m greedy.  Are there any more?

XX:  There are tons but I’m not sure where you want to go.

XY:  What do you mean?

XX:  We’ve walked in the rain.  We’ve chatted.  We’ve been to lunch.  I chopped garlic in front of you, smacked you and sewed you.  You tempted me with watching TV.  We finally had a drink and even danced.  Then we went to bed and I stole your shirt.  So what now, do you want our first fight…the wedding…the delivery room scene…?  Or just more sex?

XY:  Those are fictionalized accounts of real moments (except the sex).  I want the real moments.

XX:  I see.

XY:  And more fictionalized sex of course 🙂

XX:  I see.

XY:  Actually you could skip the real moments all together, who am I kidding here…

XX:  (Head in hands)…When it comes to male nature, I am often too stupid to live.

XY:  By the way…is there more?

XX: More sex?

XY:  Yes…

XX:  Of course there’s more, dumbass…but it’s going to cost you.

XY:  Cost me what, what’s the payment plan?

XX:  Your moments.

XY: I see

XX:  If you don’t have them, make them up.

XY:  Of course I have them, dumbass.  So what is the trade-off here?  One moment gets me what…?  One story?  One sex scene?

XX:  Either one story from reality, or one paragraph of fictionalized sex.

XY:  A paragraph…this could take a while

XX:  (gleefully) I know!!

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