He summoned all the courage, all the balls, all the wisdom and all the stupidity of his years and typed Do you want to watch TV with me? And he hit SEND without even pretending to think twice.

He immediately realized it had been an idiotic thing to do.  Worse than idiotic, it was gone – out into the cosmos with no hope of recall, and all there was for it was to wait for her to answer.   Hopefully kindly.  He pulled a pillow halfway over his head, cursed himself and jiggled the wretched device in his hand, thumb stroking the sleek edges and the worn keypad.

She replied:  I would love to watch TV with you.  In fact I would love that so much that I am going to stay right here.  Keep the world in its proper orbit.  Know what I mean?

An exquisite cocktail of relief, disappointment and admiration was coursing through his veins.  Know what you mean, he sent back with shaking fingers.  And then threw the phone across the room.

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