Sleight of Hand

XX:  It’s like those funny dreams when you’re having a conversation in fluent Japanese, or something else you have no idea how to do in real life…play the violin or do backflips.

XY:  LOL, I know

XX: I had a dream once that I swiped the cufflinks off your sleeves without you being aware of it…

XY:  Now that would be something.  Tell me that dream…

XX:  It was in the office and we were standing by your admin’s desk having a discussion about…I guess magicians or rather the art of “sleight-of-hand”.  You were adamant that there was no way someone could have their shoelaces swiped without knowing it, the whole thing was a scam, audience plants, blah blah.  K said oh you’re such a cynic and you said I just have my feet in reality. You went back in your office and I raised my eyebrows at K and nonchalantly held out my hand to show her your cufflinks…which I’d swiped without you knowing it.

XY:  LOL, nice!!

XX: I don’t know how I took them, don’t ask me, it was just one of those perfect “I wish” moments that can only happen in a dream.

XY:  Did I notice they were gone?

XX:  I sauntered into your office and ahem-ed.  You swiveled around in your chair like yes? and I just laid the cufflinks down on the desk and walked out again.  Like does it get any better than that?

XY:  Wow.  Did you really dream this?

XX:  No, I just made it up now.

XY:  …I never know what to make of you.

XX:  I know.

XY:  Now I’m going to think about you every time I put my cufflinks in.

XX:  Exactly.  Aren’t I clever?

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