You know?

K – You need that today?

W – Yes ma’am.  By 3 if you can.  Please.  Thanks.

K – Your manners are appalling.

W – You’re welcome???

K – Easy…I was teasing you

W – I know.  You’ve been doing that a lot lately

K – Want me to stop?

W – Absolutely NOT

K – LOL…Those whom I love, I tease

W – Me too

K – Oh?  Bring it on, let’s see what you got…

W – Bring what on?  The lovin’ or the teasin’?

K – You pick

W – Sometimes one leads to the other…

K – If one is lucky.

W – I’m lucky I have you.  I don’t tell you that enough do I?

K – It’s all right.  I know.

W – You do, don’t you?  Funny how you know me…

K – Sir…you know if circumstances were different…(etc etc)

W – I…didn’t know but now that you said so I…(etc etc)

K – Do me a favor then?

W – Anything for you, ma’am

K – If you believe in reincarnation, look for me in the next life?

W – Are you teasing me?

K – No sir.  Look for me.  Please.

W – You got it.  I will.  I promise.

K – Whew…(heart pounding)…you know? 🙂

W – I know…I nearly fell out of my chair…you know?

K – Glad we had this little chat.  Little top-off for the ego tank.  Thanks.

W – I’ll be glad all day.  Maybe weeks.  Thank YOU.

K – Your manners are appalling…

W – You’re teasing me again…

K – I know.


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